“How does one explain to a fool that they could be a King, if only they would choose to be more than they are today?”

Alitheiatheism is an intersectionalist belief system. It is rational and definitionalistic.

In simpler terms, it means that we borrow from any discipline that we can. It means that we begin most things with a definition. It means that we seek to interact with the world in the most rational way possible.

Presented here in these pages, is the base version of Aliteiatheism. The full version is available in print and e-book format, the book, titled “The Light” Covers our principles in far greater detail, as well as methods of helping to achieve these things.

Unlike most religions, we do not rely on threats of hell or promises of rewards in afterlife. Instead, our emphasis is on becoming the most amazing people we can while we are alive, and making the world as beautiful as possible while we are here. Our equivalent to hell is being far less than we have the potential to be, and our reward is becoming as amazing as we can.

Be,Do,Know; More.

There are 8 things an Alitheiatheist seeks to manifest in themselves. These are our cardinal attributes. Their base definitions are laid out in the pages below, as they define Alitheiatheism.

They are:




Deferred Judgement.


Self Discipline.

Self Awareness.



The full version of “The Light” will be made available as soon as is humanly possible.