Humor is actually something that vexes science. I could go ahead and write some shitty blurb about why we laugh, the contradicting scientific theories, but instead I will lead with a joke, then some bullet points and a few links.

Americas electoral body.

Ok, I’ll highlight a few thongs you’ll cum on a cross, but that’s a tit.

  • Laughter may be to happiness what yawns are to bored, tired and needing to drop a deuce.
  • It’s most likely a primate social behavior. Monkeys do that shit as well as we humans.
  • Most cultures, at the least languages, write down the sound of laughter differently.
  • Mostly, we don’t have a shit load of proper, hardcore science to tell us exactly why the behavior evolved, but those who study these things are most likely heading in the right direction.
  • Like damn near every thing there is, it’s probably complex enough that a singular primary function will never quite explain it.
  • Pondering why laughter evolved is perhaps the least funny thing on earth.

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