The new Dota 2 players suggestions




This is of course from the filthy casual league, so it is not hard coded at all. This is however, based on play and observation. It will help if you actively seek these things out.

  1.  Do not feed. Feeding means letting the enemy kill you. Above all other things treat every life as if it were your only life. Do not feed. This is usually accomplished by not taking pointless risks. Don’t wander off into the dark enemy jungle alone. Do not chase a hero who is wounded badly enough to walk all the way back to their fountain. Just don’t do it. You will learn about the conservative approach in other rules, and why it’s usually the case. Do not wander around at 15% health. Heal. Just do it. Heal. Heal. Heal.
  2.  Build adaptively. Yes, I know that cancer lancer build is all the rage. That doesn’t mean you have to, or should, use that build every game. Need more ranged punch, or need to push and clear creep waves, get a scepter and an aether lense. Having trouble not feeding?  Buy a vanguard and a talisman of evasion. Build for the game you are in, not the game the guide is in. You can also sell stuff. I do it all the time.
  3.  Farm. If yo score the last hit on a lane creep or a hero, you get gold and exp. Even if it means using mana, buying a void stone and then using more mana to farm: farm. I have played two carries on a single lane. There is absolutely enough gold and experience to go around. Period. I frequently use medusas mana snake to farm early. Why? It is far more reliable for getting gold than the auto attack. This is the case with most heros. A void stone to recoup the many costs 850 gold. The lowest I have ever seen a hero farm gold for an entire game is 6,000 gold. That is 14% of total earnings. The average gold harvested is usually around 15,000, and if you get a void stone to trade mana for gold and EXP, it will be higher.
  4.  Push. Pushing is what this game is about. It is called Defense Of The Ancients 2, not randomly try to impress your streaming audience by pursuing dangerous kills and feeding in the process. I have seen so many games, and participated in just as many where towers get knocked down, and the enemy loses, and then in the end game the losing team had a lot more kills. This means spending time in your lane, and advancing to their tower to destroy it. When all of the towers and barracks are destroyed, your teams gets powerful mega creeps. This is a high priority in every game.
  5.  Harass. Don’t just dive for a kill and start a fight. Harass. Use your skills to wound enemy heros. Make them work to stay healthy. Excellent examples of this are medusas mana snake, pucks illusory orb and stroke of fate. Even melee characters usually have some way to close the gap, hit and run. If a fight or team gank arises, and half their heros have 75% health, whereas your team is all at 100% your odds of winning are much greater.
  6.  Squishy, then support. People love to go into team ganks deciding to take down that problematic guy like sniper or jugger. Usually it is better to kill the hard hitting squishy caster like crustal maiden, or the disabler; then the support that is keeping their carry alive, and then the carry.
  7.  Don’t be afraid to run away. If things start going south, get your carry free of the fight and then retreat as best you can. Run for a tower, not a random jungle destination.
  8.  Be patient. Above all else, be patient. Let them be stupid and lung in. 5 heros plus a tower is a lot harder to deal with than 5 heros in a field.
  9.  Use the towers. They hit hard. They provide armor. If you can get a fight to happen so that your towers are involved, do it. It makes a huge difference. Enough of a difference that I often see mid lane covered by 3 against 5 attackers while top and bottom get pushed over.
  10.  If you are losing the fights, push and push hard. You will get gold and level up, and if you start knocking towers over, they have no choice but to respond and pull off their attack. Again, 3vs5 under a tower is totally doable.
  11.  Runes. It’s great to keep up with runes. It’s money for the whole team. Do not, I mean do NOT, get murdered for a rune. I see this all the time at the beginning of games. Everyone tries to steal the other teams runes. Hero dies, gives up cash, another hero dies, gives up cash: rune stolen anyway. Again, let them come to you. Can’t stress that enough.  Defend your runes, of course, make it hard. Just don’t die for 40 gold. The haste, regen, damage, arcane and illusion runes are a huge game changer. Don’t forget about them.
  12.  Tomes of Knowledge need to be used judiciously. Whoever will benefit the TEAM the most by getting cheap EXP is who gets them.
  13.   Vision. Use wards to see what they are doing and prevent ambushes. Best money you’ll spend. Also, dust of deceit is your friend. It facilitates ambushes, escapes and everything in between. Vision is critical in this game. Use it and use it wisely.
  14.  The courier. Mid lane takes priority. Learn to communicate and share. That little donkey, and using it wisely is the difference between victory and defeat so very very often. Learn the keys that control it. Do not get it killed. Do not steal it from the mid laner, wait your turn and ask if it is free.
  15.  Support characters buy support items. That is your role. You support. You are not a ganker. Focus on being a good support. While anyone can and sometimes will take support items as the needs of the team come first, support characters need to build for supper. It’s that simple.
  16.  Participate in team kills when needed. If you are called to fight, go. Once you’ve done your work get back to your damned lane and push. It’s harder for an enemy to deal with 3 collapsing lanes then it is to deal with one downed tower.
  17.  Don’t be selfish. It’s about the team.
  18.  Jungle consciously. If you need cash or EXP and you can get it while in lane, do so. Jungling is something done to gain a strategic resource edge only when your lane mate has the lane handled safely by themselves. Getting what you need in lane means you’re also pushing, which is also limits the opposing team in lane. It’s a triple win, whereas jungling when the lane needs you violates #17, #4 and often #16.
  19. DO NOT abuse the ding. This is like crying wolf. The more you do it, the less people take your, and others, dings to heart. It is a plague. Just don’t do it. Ding for fast communication, that is essential and not abusive or expressive.  A thousand dings to let someone know that you think they should be doing something else with their hero, is likely going to do the exact opposite.
  20. Practice.  Practice with the bots. Practice with teams. Practice in unranked; but practice. Practice differs from play. Practice is where you try things to adjust your play for the better.