Welcome to The Filthy Casual League

Welcome to the “Filthy Casual League” introduction page.

We have some pretty simple ideas that are so very frowned upon  in Dota 2, such as playing to have fun, being adaptable and having an individual play style.

     While we do work on particular tactics, builds and strategies during team sessions, we also just have games for fun. No tension, no dinging 500 times out of frustration, no shaming about weird builds or failed gambits. We give less advice and more high fives. If you want to be tense and stop having fun, making the game about winning instead of playing that is fine, on other teams. Here, we don’t do that.
The other side of this is that I am an information specialist a strategist and accountant over my years of work. I am also neurologically abnormal. I look at things in a much different way that other people do. We will be putting out various docs to help people with coming to grips with certain keys aspects of life here.  We also break away from rigid doctrine. More on that to come up.
No build or skill shaming. It isn’t productive. Encourage. Let people experiment. Just because some pro used that build in a pro game where they likely could have won with any build does not mean every single player has to use that build. Branch out. That pro won because they adapt seamlessly to the changing battlefield conditions.
Do you part for the team. This team is NOT , and I cannot stress this enough, about your personal need to pad your stats or try for a million ganks a game while costing the team. If we need a counter push and you know you are going to die in the process, get out there and push hard, buy your team some time to work. One of the things we stress in the highest is cooperative farming. The doctrine of “we have to split up the carries because there isn’t enough gold” is ridiculous. I have seen way way way way way too many matches where only 1 or 2 creeps per wave pay out. Helping team mates farm by offsetting attacks for make sure one of you get the cash, or each attacking different creeps works very well. I often play to alternate fire form one creep to the next to maximize the harvest potential of my team mates.
Have fun. This is about fun. Relax, play it. It is a game. From the earliest days when street fighter showed up in arcades people have been yelling at each other, creating toxic communities and being shitty to each other over video game. A few years earlier you would find groups of dudes huddled around a pac man machine yelling to encourage a friend to destroy their own record. That is sadly and sorely missing, especially in DOTA 2. Now if you want to yell and blame people for not doing what you want, go away. We don’t need you. If you want to congratulate someone for kicking the shit out of you, and figure out how to learn from that, we welcome you with arms wide open.
We also do specific practices, learning to perform certain strategies and tactics as a team. Those are called formatted practices and there is an expectation that if you participate, you do your part. Chaining up meteor hammers off of an enigma black hole, do it. My wife often uses Vemonancer to create a wall for my jakiro to safely burn towers. Use your medusa to help defend the artilary, do it. See something that could be better, suggest it to the team, but obey the suggestions of your coach or leader. It is about learning growing and experimenting. We even are developing an alternate role system.
Unformatted practices are a free for all of fun. While learning to work together will make that even better, you can basically do whatever floats your boat. No one is going to get onto you about rushing a scepter, or skipping power treads to see if you prefer an orb and boots.
Be adaptable. Among other things, being adaptable in your thinking and gameplay will make you more dangerous on the field. Getting your butt handed to you by a pesky puck, buy a helmet and a ring. Bloodseeker on the other team, take howl first, make sure everyone buys a ring.
Be frugal. The accountant in me has noticed that people while whine about a build wasting 850 on a void stone, while buying 1200 in tangos. Think about the long term cost of things. Two rings of regen give substantial early regeneration, and have resale value. They gain equity. Buy one and a single tango, you save money. Thinking about this game in terms of math is often a good idea in terms of builds, but it isn’t an end all. Just another way to look at things.
Do you. Seriously, do you. Want to try and make your wind ranger into a speed little tank. Do it. Make it work. Murder everyone. Fail trying. It’s a video game.
Do not, and I mean do not, make everyone else miserable. If you make the game not fun for the rest of your clan you are gone, no ifs ands or butts. You will be shunned and spat upon. You may very well end up having an acorn squash shoved deep, deep inside your butthole.

To host a game, simply create a server Titled Filthy Casual League. If it is formatted, title it “Filthy Casual Team Formatted”.

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